Adventure Game Engine

28 March 2005

The image loading code is now complete. Every little step makes me feel that much closer to completing this project and creating something special. There is a little image loading test here.

04 March 2005

The very basic part of the grapical backend for Exemplar has just been completed, and although there is still a huge way to go untill I can even think about the asapects aside from the graphics engine, Exemplar's first ever window has just been created and opened. If you want to have a look you can get it from here.

02 March 2005

The project has been accepted on Sourceforge, which is excellent. I have quickly put this hack of a website up to keep everyone satisfyed untill I get something more reasonable done. I've been working to get the graphical backend to the engine complete for a few days, and when that is done I will put something somewhere to show everyone.